Our Request for Remedy Services

We offer request for remedy services to help home sellers and buyers get through one of the more challenging portions of a real estate contract.

For Sellers

After an inspection takes place, sellers are often left in a position where they need to make many different types of repairs to their property. This can leave sellers frustrated and unsure where to begin. In certain instances, this can stall or outright ruin the transaction. We provide a service that will make Realtors, sellers, and buyers more comfortable with this pressure situation. We can provide all of the services needed for a proper remedy.

Our services include electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and a variety of other typical remedy items. If it’s a service we can’t cover, we will connect the homeowner with a vetted provider that will do the job right.

For Buyers

After a buyer has an inspection done, they are often left wondering what the costs to repair those items will be. This can be an important determination for how to move forward with the transaction. We offer two services that can help with this process.

  1. Guesstimate- Our “Guesstimate” service is completely free and takes less than one business day on average to turn around. Simply send us the home inspection report and we will get back to you with our best guess on the costs to make the repairs. This is contingent on materials selected and a visual inspection of the problem but should provide some helpful guidance.
  2. Visual Estimate- We can also come to the property to perform a visual estimate of the items that need to be repaired. This should be more accurate and will give us an opportunity to discuss costs such as material selection. Since you may not move forward with the home purchase we do charge a $75 fee for this service to protect our time. However, if you end up using our services, this fee will apply to the cost of the estimate.

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